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Investing - Savings and Deposits

The internet really is excellent for making sure you are getting the best interest on your savings and comparing rates for borrowing too. Rates change so quickly as Building Societies and banks compete for your business.

Beware of sites run by a lender. Look at the address bar to check. Microsoft Money is a good independent website to start. It gives you best buys and lots of different comparisons.

The best buy table http://money.msn.co.uk/Bank_Plan/savings/Compare/BestBuy/Selection/default.asp is shown below.


Best Buy Table for week starting 22 November 2004
Instant Access Deposit Accounts (Balance of £1000)

This table shows you which instant access deposit accounts pay the highest interest rate based on a deposit of £1,000 (monthly interest not required). You may be able to get a higher rate by choosing an account that requires you to give notice before you can make a withdrawal. Where multiple products from the same provider would qualify for inclusion, the best product from that provider is shown.


Or you could try their instant access comparisons at http://money.msn.co.uk/Bank_Plan/savings/Compare/BestBuy/InstantDeposit1K

These give you a step by step way to choose your best investment as follows:-



Want to speak to someone about investments? Click here

Step 1:

How much do you want to save?


This tax year (6th April 2004 - 5th April 2005) you may invest up to a maximum of £3000 in a Cash ISA. Overall, you may however invest a maximum of £7,000 between 'cash' and 'stocks & shares' ISAs.

Do you want to focus your search to ISAs that meet the governments CAT standards?

   Yes  No

CAT standards allow investors to identify straightforward, clear, no nonsense savings accounts. The CAT standards are:



- No charges at any time for regular services;



- £10 minimum investment, withdrawals within 7 days;



- Interest rates no more than 2% below base rate.

Separate pages compare Cash ISA’s http://moneycentral.moneyextra.com/compare/cashisas

Compare the results you get with those from the www.find.co.uk  website http://www.find.co.uk/banking/Savings_Accounts/ .

Why not note this site for finding all sorts of things?

Also you could try http://www.financelink.co.uk/ and http://www.moneyfacts.co.uk/savings/charts/savings_no_notices.htm which gives you the opportunity to click right through to the Building Society you choose.