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Project Section
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Booking holidays, flights, hotels or B and B
A Search Google www.google.co.uk with a keyword 'travel' 'holidays' or a country of interest and see what results are obtained. Explore these to see if interesting holidays are advertised. Record the details below.

B Practice filling in enquiry forms for imaginary holidays and ask questions that may be useful.

C Access www.flightline.co.uk and choose the cheapest flights to a European destination of your choice exactly one month from today's date for a two week holiday. Record the destination, flight number and price below.

D If you travel a day earlier would you get a better price?

E Compare the results you have above with www.cheapestflights.co.uk and record their prices below.

F Is there any difference between the terms offered by these two companies based on fuel surcharges, airport taxes or credit card charges?

G Access www.holiday-rentals.com and see if they can provide a villa in the place you have chosen for the date you want. List below the criteria you used to choose your villa.

H Use Google, www.google.co.uk to find any other villa rental companies in the country you have chosen and compare the choice and prices.

I Look for Bed and Breakfast on a farm in Lancashire.