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How big is the internet?

It's difficult to find out because there is no complete directory but some idea can be gained by using Google, the largest search engine to find the word home. I found 19 billion pages containing home in the title!

So you see my little list of Favourites will still leave plenty for you to explore yourself.

If you want to make a note of the web address just mouse over the link and the web address will appear at the bottom of the page.


Let's start with search engines which open the way to all the treasures.

  1. Google is the biggest and best for most things. It includes Google Images for pictures, Maps, Froogle for shopping, Scholar for academic research and many more interesting features.

  2. Yahoo is a much smaller search engine but includes Yahoo Groups which you can join and discuss any subject under the sun.

  3. If you can't find what you want try Dogpile which automatically searches several search engines for your request.

  4. Ask.com is designed to answer questions but I don't think it works very well.

For your independence you must be able to buy things over the net that can then be delivered. You will need to use your credit card, but this is relatively safe these days. You will also need an email address.

  1. Tesco or one of the other delivering supermarkets must be first as you can't live without food and drink. Register with them and practice a few times before you put in an order.

  2. Comet is a well organised site for household goods but you might like to try Froogle to compare the prices of all retailers. Most larger shops have a good website now and will deliver the items you order online. Let me know your favourites.

  3. Amazon is the worlds largest bookstore. Make sure you get the UK department. There are some good second hand bargains to save the pennies.

  4. If you are sending flowers to a friend and want a florist near her then Local Directories will help you find what you want. They are good for all local services. You could also use Google Maps which has a business search function.

  5. Shopping around for the best electricity and gas supplier or phone company can be hassle until you find Uswitch. They make the comparisons and organise the switch free of charge.

  6. Whatever you want cheap you can get on Ebay UK . They have a unique system for rating the quality of the seller which really works well. It's good fun too.

If you are planning to travel you may need to explore these sites.

  1. For a nice villa in the sun try Holiday Rentals . Amazing choice of 18000 villas including a romantic Jungle Retreat for two in Sri-Lanka for 70 per week.

  2. For holiday travel we use Cheapest Flights or Flightline but to cities Easyjet or Ryanair are good value in Europe. You might try Expedia anywhere in the world. Try more than one as the prices vary, while you book, even on the same flight! Make sure the meal is included if you want one. The online check-in often makes life easy at the airport.

  3. In the UK National Rail Enquiries are very good for planning journeys and costs but you may find The Train Line easier.

  4. Rail on the continent sounds fun! I tried an enquiry by entering "London Turkey Rail" into Google and found the Seat 61 website which is full of useful information.

  5. Bus Travel is still quite disorganised and is best approached by putting each leg of your route into Google. Any better suggestions?

  6. By car you can get directions from Mapquest  Multimap or one of the motoring organisations. You may want to check the Metoffice for the local weather.

  7. You could check PetrolPrices.com for the prices at points on the way. Use my username malcolmcro and password candid or join yourself at no cost.

  8. Bed and Breakfast is quite difficult but it is usually best to use Google to find the nearest tourist information who will have the best list. Bed and Breakfast Nationwide Directory or  Bed and Breakfasts can sometimes help.

If you have older children to entertain they may be able to show you some good sites but these are a few useful activities for the younger ones.

  1. Pictures to colour can be found at Coloring.ws and there are a few games there too like Hangman

  2. A better selection of games are available on thekidzpage.com . Try to choose ones that use the mouse if you are playing on a laptop as the keyboard is expensive to replace.

  3. You may need to find a bike or other toys for their stay or a cot or car seat. Try Ebay.co.uk a few weeks in advance and pick up a bargain.

  4. A trip to the zoo might fill a day. Book the tickets online at Zsl.org to save the queues and find out about special events.

  5. The games which come free with your computer are good fun and do not need an internet connection. My grandchildren like Pinball and sometimes play Minesweeper quite well.

  6. The Paint program that comes free with your computer is good fun for all ages. Experiment with all the toolbar items yourself before they come and they will be quite impressed. You can even co-operate to draw a picture with children in another country using Microsoft Messenger.

Other sites of interest are:-

  1. Art galleries, public and private, and painters often have an online gallery which you can enjoy. Try Tate.org.uk or a private artist like Carla Moss .

  2. The BBC website is a mine of information. Programmes, radio you can hear on the computer, repeats, education and the Climate Change Project.

  3. I like the 360 degree images you can explore with the mouse. Try The Space Agency for a tour of 50 Oxfordshire villages. Have a look at  London in Pictures on the BBC website or you might prefer the GRAND CANYON which is in the proper Quicktime 360 image. Miles better than Google Earth!

  4. Royal Mail website gives you postage and also a useful lookup for postcodes. You can use my account malcolmcro and password candid.

  5. The UK Phonebook enables you to look up telephone numbers free of charge.

  6. Ourproperty provides the prices at which houses have sold. Very useful for the nosey! Use my account as above!

  7. My Guide is the government website which aims to make email easier. See what you think. They have spent 27 million already!

Now let's add your favourites.