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Email is the key to so much
to be enjoyed today.

A quick note to a friend.
Keep contact with grandchildren.
Fast communication with business.
Written evidence to rely on.

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First you should choose your email provider.

If you don't own a computer then web based email could suit you.
There is usually no charge for using it but you could be charged if you ask for help.
You would just go in to your public library which may provide a computer free for your use.
You could also go into an internet cafe anywhere in the world to collect and send your emails for between 3 and 7 pence per minute.
You can often print copies of your emails for 10 to 20 pence per page.
My notes will help you set up a Microsoft Hotmail email account.

A better email system is available if you have your own computer.
This will enable you to store your emails indefinately and to store pictures which may be attached to them.
A secondhand computer to do this may cost less than 100 but you may need some advice to purchase it and set it up.
You may find AOL at about 5 per month is good value as with it you will receive unlimited free telephone support.
My notes on sending and receiving email using AOL may be helpful if you are a complete beginner.