Online Internet Training

get some surfing practice

If you would like to start with basic principles click HERE.and print the Word document for reference.

3rd Age Solutions


This is not an academic exercise!

These exercises will help you become proficient in using the internet for practical purposes.

You will make mistakes, and get out of them, and join those of all ages who make good use of the internet, without being experts.

Mouse Practice

Fun with the mouse

My Favourite Websites

When you have completed the tests to your satisfaction please use my Graduation Checklist to see whether you are now using your knowledge to advantage.


Choose your exercise by clicking one of the buttons below

An easy exercise to help you get the idea                     Easy Start

An introduction to some interesting web sites                  Tate to Train

A more difficult test of your browsing skills                   Mapquest to Ebay

Some more interesting sites                                         Flowers to Postcodes

and some things to amuse the grandchildren                   Grandchildren

The wonders of Gooooogle                                            More Google

A more realistic test of your skills                                Advanced Practice


A couple of typing tests too
A test for a two finger typist                 Typing Test 1

A better typing test                               Typing Test 2